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We recommend the Mozilla Firefox browser
Do regular Windows updates
Install an anti-virus program and Microsoft's antispyware
Delete your browser history

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I verify my email address after registration?
I have transferred money, but I am still not able to contact members?
I can't upload my photo. What can I do?
Why am I able to see my photo even though I set it to "people I trust only"?
How do I deactivate the auto-login function?
Why can't I find myself using the search function?


What is First Affair?
How do I register with First Affair?
Why do I need to verify my email address after registration?
I have forgotten my password. What do I do now?
I would like to report a fake member. Who do I contact?
Who are trusted persons?
I can't open profiles. Why is that?

If you have problems opening profiles this may be because your browser does not support JavaScript (unlikely), because JavaScript is deactivated or you have installed a popup blocker.

Please first check whether JavaScript is deactivated in your browser:

For Internet Explorer, please go to:
> Extras
> Internet options
> Security
> Adjust step
> Scripting
> Active scripting
> Activate (must be selected)

For Netscape, please go to:
> Edit
> Settings
> Extended
> Activate JavaScript for Navigator (must be selected)

For Opera, please go to:
> File
> Preferences
> Multimedia
> Page icons
> Enable Javascript (must be selected)

For Mozilla, please go to:
> Tools
> Options
> Web Features
> Enable JavaScript (must be selected)

If JavaScript is activated and you still cannot open profiles or popups, please check whether you have installed/activated a popup blocker (advertising blocker). Switch off the popup blocker and reload the page.

If that does not help, please install one of the latest browsers:

For Internet Explorer (recommended), go to:

For Netscape Browser, go to:

For Opera Browser, go to:

For Mozilla Browser, go to:
How do I deactivate the popup blocker?
Hide browser window

Mail system

How can I communicate with other members?
How does my mail box work?
My mail box is 100% full. What do I do now?
Why am I no longer able to send messages to a particular member?
Why am I no longer able to send messages?
I am being insulted by another member. What can I do?
I have deleted my messages. Is it possible to retrieve them?
How can I change my new mail alerts?

Ad and photo

How do I upload a photograph?
Why was my photo rejected?
What are the photo upload rules?
How long does it take for a photo to be released?
How do I set it up such that only trusted persons can view my photo?
I have problems with uploading the photo, what can I do?
What rules are for texts in the profiles?
How do I change my user name/profile name?
How do I change my profile/ad?


What does free registration include?
What does membership have to offer?
Why do women need to verify themselves at all?
What are my payment options?
I am a woman and am not able to contact other women. Why is that?
How do I delete my ad?

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