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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I verify my email address after registration?
I have transferred money, but I am still not able to contact members?
I can't upload my photo. What can I do?
Why am I able to see my photo even though I set it to "people I trust only"?
How do I deactivate the auto-login function?
Why can't I find myself using the search function?


What is First Affair?
How do I register with First Affair?

Registration is free, without obligation and you are not required to buy anything! When you register, we do not ask for your telephone number, postal address or any other personal data that could be traced back to you.

Simply click on the " registration" link at the navigation bar at the top. There, you can choose a username and your password. You will then be asked for the details necessary to set up your profile. Please note that the profile must first be approved by us.
Why do I need to verify my email address after registration?
I have forgotten my password. What do I do now?
I would like to report a fake member. Who do I contact?
Who are trusted persons?
I can't open profiles. Why is that?
How do I deactivate the popup blocker?
Hide browser window

Mail system

How can I communicate with other members?
How does my mail box work?
My mail box is 100% full. What do I do now?
Why am I no longer able to send messages to a particular member?
Why am I no longer able to send messages?
I am being insulted by another member. What can I do?
I have deleted my messages. Is it possible to retrieve them?
How can I change my new mail alerts?

Ad and photo

How do I upload a photograph?
Why was my photo rejected?
What are the photo upload rules?
How long does it take for a photo to be released?
How do I set it up such that only trusted persons can view my photo?
I have problems with uploading the photo, what can I do?
What rules are for texts in the profiles?
How do I change my user name/profile name?
How do I change my profile/ad?


What does free registration include?
What does membership have to offer?
Why do women need to verify themselves at all?
What are my payment options?
I am a woman and am not able to contact other women. Why is that?
How do I delete my ad?

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