About the fling

About the fling

"Any man who is satisfied with just one woman all his life violates the laws of nature as much as someone who only eats salad," Guy de Maupassant once said.

Apparently, there are people who only eat salad. And their number is rising steadily - thanks to mad cow disease and contaminated feed. But what about the man who is satisfied with one woman all his life? Does such an individual violate the laws of nature like a vegetarian does? And more importantly: what does the woman have to say about just being a playmate?

The cuckoo's egg

If you believe the statistics, fidelity is one of the main things people value in a relationship. But if you wake up to someone else smiling at you for a change, then from a scientific point of view this makes sense, it may even be desirable. Because the more we spread our genes, the better their chances. In this regard, people are not much different from their stone age ancestors.

This is particularly evident in the case of men: men want to spread their semen as much as possible. That is why they look at women, check them out and make their judgement: suitable for sex! The next step is easy: men try to court this new woman. She wants to fall for it and before you know it, it's happened.

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Reference: www.lexi-tv.de author: Jochen Bast

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