About the fling part 2

We need ideas

What at first sight appears so simple, is really a science in its own right in our complex society. Criminal activities aside, there are very few other reasons for coordinating your own activities in such an imaginative and shrewd way: you organise conferences at short notice, do overtime and your best friends become your accomplices and provide you with a false alibi.

Looking for your dream man

Women are different - more complicated and are complementary. Women carry around with them a two-fold image of their ideal partner: he must look after and protect her children. That's one. But he must also father children, the fittest and the best.

When people lived in caves, strong and healthy men fulfilled both criteria. Today, things are different, (just as well, some men might think): food and protecting your family are no longer dependent on being a good hunter or being strong; today it's a matter of having money. It's no coincidence that wealth is often associated with sex appeal.

It is a game that both sexes agreed on millions of years ago. Statistics show that around 50 percent of all men and women cheat on their partner. This is a surprising figure. But what is surprising is that it is so low; after all, we have it anchored deep within us to continue to look for more and better sexual partners. What we should really ask is, what does the other half do? Or rather: why does the other half not do it?

The answer to this puzzle can also be found in the constraints imposed by the survival of the species. Our primal instinct tells us to produce children and to secure the survival of your genes. Once procreation has taken place, a time of necessary monogamy, at least social monogamy ensues. Human children are not guided by protective instincts. Unlike most animals, human children pass through years of learning until they are able to live independently. During that time, their parents have to care for and protect them.

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Reference: www.lexi-tv.de author: Jochen Bast

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