About the fling part 3

What a child needs more than anything is social training. If that is successful, it will have a good start in life and in society. Compare that with chicks, they start eating away happily away as soon as they have hatched.

Last-minute panic

Most men are unfaithful between the ages of 40 and 50. Until then, they probably followed their duty and looked after their offspring. They are now over the worst and so they can follow their instincts and finally father some more children. The most common time for women to have a fling is between 30 and 40: during our long evolutionary phase, those were the final years of fertility. If not now, perhaps never again? Not necessarily, but a fling later on in life would certainly have lost its instinctive and originally intended significance.

The language of nature is unambiguous: the fling, so it seems, is the norm, fidelity an exception!

Reference: www.lexi-tv.de author: Jochen Bast

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