Casual Dating advisor - part 8

How to avoid leaving traces of your affair on your mobile phone or computer

Tangible traces are still one of the most frequent reasons why affairs are discovered. Nowadays finding and organizing an affair is easier than ever before thanks to mobile phones and the internet, but unfortunately it is also just as easy to get caught. E-mails, suspicious websites in your browsing history, explicit texts - because of modern technology it is now easier than ever for your snooping partner to find you out. Luckily First Affair offers many features to protect your privacy and if you follow the advice below your affair will stay a secret even in the smartphone era:

Surfing First Affair the right way

First Affair offers you many options to protect your privacy from curious onlookers or your jealous other half: pictures can be unlocked for selected members only, the name First Affair doesn’t appear on your monthly statement and First Affair offers a stealth mode, which allows you to discreetly browse the site, even in public or with your long-term partner in the next room. You can find detailed information about the innovative stealth mode and the best way to activate it here: When first contacting an interesting member on First Affair you should be a little careful. It’s best to only slowly reveal personal information to other people on the site.

Using your mobile phone the right way

When you’re having an affair, your mobile phone is your weak spot. There are countless possibilities to get caught because of suspicious calls at the wrong moment, explicit texts or pictures saved on your phone. Your phone will be the first place your jealous partner will look for proof as soon as his or her suspicion is aroused. Therefore our first and maybe most important tip is: Get a prepaid SIM card and a second mobile phone without a contract. Only use this phone to communicate with your lover. Cheap mobile phones are often sold for just $30 or less and a prepaid SIM card does often not cost more than a couple of dollars. This investment in your privacy will certainly pay off. When spending time with your long-term partner, your affair phone should of course be switched of or not even around, if at all possible.

Avoid traces in your browsing history

To avoid that your partner catches you by checking your browsing history it’s best to use the “incognito” mode of your browser. This mode is activated in Google Chrome by pressing Crtl + Shift + N. If you use this mode, your browser will not save any cookies or data concerning your searches or browsing history. If you use the internet explorer, this mode is called “InPrivate Browsing” and is activated by using the shortcut Crtl + Shift + P. With Firefox you can surf without leaving any traces by clicking on the submenu icon on the very right and selecting “New Private Window”.

Using e-mail the right way

If you want to exchange e-mails with your lover, you shouldn’t use your regular e-mail account. Instead create a new e-mail account and access it only online through the website of your provider. Never ever save suspicious e-mails on your computer (e.g. when using outlook). You can get a free e-mail account at providers like gmail, gmx, yahoo or hotmail or just google to find one you like.

Avoid being friends on Facebook

You should definitely not be friends with your lover on social network sites like Facebook. If the affair should end badly, he or she would immediately have a chance to get you into trouble by posting embarrassing facts about you or writing to your long-term partner or your friends. On top of that your partner could easily grow suspicious by checking the “recent activity” section on your profile and taking a close look at your “new female friend”. In short: Keep away from social network sites!

What about Whatsapp?

We don’t recommend to use Whatsapp. Your entire Whatsapp communication data is stored forever with the provider which now belongs to Facebook. On top of this you run the risk to be found out because of phone notifications. Even if you’re willing to set up a new Whatsapp account and love the convenience Whatsapp offers, your privacy should be more important to you. Therefore it’s best to use First Affair’s own mailing system first and texts and calls as a second option.

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