Casual Dating advisor - prejudice 2

"The percentage of women registered with online casual dating agencies is no more than 5%"

This statement is also not true as it stands. Rather, it should be: " The percentage of women registered with MOST online casual dating agencies is no more than 5%" Why? Because MOST casual dating agencies advertise using pornographic materials. As a result, many men leave behind their rationality and are easily ripped off

According to our research, there are indeed only very few exceptional agencies where the men-women ratio is as much as 60 to 40. You don't believe it? We will explain:

  • According to a study conducted by the magazine "WOMEN", as many as one in five women is looking for a lover online.
  • These women choose one of a small number of casual dating agencies that have a respectable image and don't put women off.
  • For women, becoming a member of a good casual dating agency is cheap or even free.
The following pages are specifically devoted to improving your chances of success. If you would like to know how not to get discovered, read our article on covering up a fling.

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