Casual Dating advisor - part 1

Before the first meeting

Once you have registered with First Affair , please observe the following rules:

Do not lie about your appearance!

It will do you no good! Since we are talking about flings, this advice should be taken with a pinch of salt: tell a white lie only if it is necessary to cover up your identity! Presumably, you would rather not be identified.

Do not promise anything you cannot keep. This particularly applies to descriptions about your appearance. If you do not have an athletic figure, please do not tick that box. The first meeting will reveal the truth anyway and you can say goodbye to your erotic experience.

Stay realistic!

If you are a women, you would like your fling to be intelligent, charming, with a good sense of humour and a great body. If you are a man, you are thinking of a blonde 90-60-90 with great sex appeal. That's wishful thinking, surely!

Stay realistic!

Only if you really think about it and honestly state which preferences are most important to you, are we able to propose suitable contacts.

To begin with, keep your options open!

You receive your first ten contact proposals and immediately fall in lust with one of the profiles. Do not completely ignore the other ones. Because your chosen person also has several people to chose from, it is advisable that you don't limit yourself and keep your options open.

This is all the more important because every successful or unsuccessful contact will be valuable experience for you to see what works and what doesn't. We call that learning-by-doing or trial-and-error. Once you have really hit the bull's eye you no longer risk spoiling it by doing something silly.

Men, take the initiative - as long as it's tasteful!

A fling on the Internet works just like in real life. Women, on the whole, would rather be talked to!

But please, dear male fling searchers, save yourself and your potential fling partner the trouble and don't send out a list of your sexual fantasies and photos of your favourite positions. Women looking for a fling would rather not receive a first email that showers them with pornographically suggestive promises.

Be friendly, relaxed and open. Take an interest in the person's profile and never end emails with clich├ęs such as "Don't worry, I don't bite".

As a single person or a couple you can also get in on it!

If you are interested in our agency as a couple or a single person: go ahead, just mention it during registration. Prices are the same.

If you are a single person and the physical side of a relationship is particularly important to you, you should try it our way, rather than using the usual "boring" dating agencies and singles ads. Perhaps you'll meet Mr or Mrs Right.

Please note: many people looking for a fling worry that singles want more than just a little affair, and fall in love too soon...

Provide photos of yourself and look at other people's!

More emphasis is placed on appearance when people have flings. Have a digital photo of yourself ready. And don't hesitate asking your email contact for one.

By the way: it is common practice in the fling community to use photos with a black bar across the eyes. After all, you do not want to be recognised. It is easy to make your digital photo anonymous using a standard graphics program.

Your telephone number is initially taboo!

Once you have exchanged your first email, it would be very handy to exchange numbers. But the rules of the fling game are a bit different:
  • If you are not worried about anything, go ahead and give out your landline or mobile number.
  • But please be understanding if your flirt is as not as forthcoming. Don't take it personally; usually that just means they are worried about being discovered by being called or texted at awkward moments.
  • If you have the number of your flirt but would remain anonymous yourself, set your mobile phone to number withheld!

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