Casual Dating advisor - part 3

How to cover up a fling

According to various surveys, between 48% and 63% of people have been unfaithful to their regular partner.

Very few people have an open relationship, but most will at some point have a fling. We have gathered some pieces of advice to help you conceal your erotic experience.

Let's look at it the other way around: how can you blow your cover? There are only really a few basic ways:
  • You leave behind some tangible evidence (someone else's hairs in the marital bed, you are caught re-handed, an explicit SMS or email).
  • You behave in a suspicious way by changing your behaviour towards your main partner (showering them with gifts to easy your conscience etc.).
  • Your fling somehow gets involved.
  • Confidantes or people who happened to find about it don't keep their mouths shut.
You are taking a big risk, by the way, if you play around in your immediate environment. Your husband's best friend? Your ambitious secretary? That spells trouble. You are better off finding a fling partner with us.

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