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Guarantee of trust: Registration is free, without obligation and you are not obligated to buy anything!


Free registration
Registration is free, without obligation and you are not obligated to buy anything! You can put together your own profile, look for a suitable partner and see other people's profiles. That way, you can gain an overall impression of First Affair and there is no need to rush.

Good women to men ratio
Unlike with many other casual dating services, at First Affair the women to men ratio is very balanced. We set up erotic experiences and flings between private persons with no financial interests involved.

Unlimited contact
   to all members
As a member*, you have the option of unlimited contact to all other members. You contact options are not limited as this is the case with many other casual dating agencies. Our motto is: "The more contacts, the greater the likelihood of finding a suitable partner ".

100% anonymous
When you register, we do not ask for your telephone number, your postal address or any other personal details, which could be traced back to you. We do not store your IP address (only for payment transactions). All you do, is provide some general information about yourself that helps you find an erotic experience or a fling.

100% discreet
We treat your details confidentially! We guarantee that your details will not be sold or passed on to third parties.

100% direct
When you become a member, you can make direct contact with women, men and couples who are looking for an erotic experience, a fling or a relationship. You communicate via the First Affair internal mail system. You remain 100% anonymous.

No advertising
There is no advertising at all at First Affair. You will not be bothered with any promotional emails, banners or premium telephone numbers.

100% secure
Unlike many other casual dating services, we offer the option of an SSL encryption.

The Secure Sockets Layer encryption, or SSL, allows secure data transmission from your computer to our servers.

The SSL protocol ensures that the information entered when accessing the pages of First Affair cannot be read or manipulated by any third parties and also assures you of the identity of the First Affair website.

Active search
With us, you can make your own luck and actively search for a partner for an erotic experience or a fling and make contact with people directly.

Conference Call
The Conference Call allows you to talk with another member and still stay anonymous, because you don't offer your telephone number! Here you can find more information about the Conference Call.

* Men, couples and women that have purchased a membership.

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