Conference Call

Phone with another member 100% anonymously!

The Conference Call allows you to talk with another member and still remain anonymous, because you don't have to offer your telephone number!
Overview of the advantages

You stay 100% anonymous

You get an impression of your partner

Low priced service telephone number

How the Conference Call works

If you like to start a Conference Call with one member please proceed as follows:
  1. Click the ad of the member you like to invite for a Conference Call

  2. If the member is online you will find the button "Conference Call" in the ad

  3. Make a Conference Call offer to that member

  4. The member will receive your offer and accept it

  5. Now you receive a telephone number which is only valid for you and the other member and will connect you anonymously

Please note:

Unfortunately the Conference Call is not available in any other country than in Germany at the moment. It will be realized as soon as possible in other countries.

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