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The First Affair Love Encyclopaedia contains everything about love, sexuality and eroticism from A to Z. Just click on a letter and find out more.

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Love Encyclopaedia - First Affair

Letter A


AIDS is an incurable immune deficiency disease that is caused by the HI virus. The virus destroys the natural immune defence system that protects the human body from infectious diseases. The risk of infection during unprotected sex is very high, because the virus is present in many body fluids such as blood, semen and vaginal fluid. Only condoms protect you from Aids.

Aids test

This test uses a blood sample to determine whether someone is infected with the HI virus.

Anal sex, anal intercourse

During anal intercourse, the penis is inserted into the anus of the sexual partner.


Aphrodisiacs stimulate your sex drive, thus increasing sexual desire and sexual performance. In addition to certain chemical substances, aphrodisiacs also include alcohol and erotic films.

A Tergo

In this position, the woman kneels (doggy-style) or lies down (spoon-style), while the man enters her vagina from behind (Latin: a tergo).

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