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The First Affair Love Encyclopaedia contains everything about love, sexuality and eroticism from A to Z. Just click on a letter and find out more.

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Love Encyclopaedia - First Affair

Letter S


Sadism is a person's tendency to want to achieve sexual satisfaction through torturing the partner. Sadism is the opposite of masochism.


This form of sexual play is generally acted out in the form of role-playing. Slave and domina/dominus use chains and whips. Sadomasochism often goes hand in hand with certain fetishes (varnish, leather, rubber etc.).


Semen is a whitish fluid consisting of semen and other components, which the man excretes during orgasm.

Sexual intercourse

During sexual intercourse, the man's erect penis penetrates the woman's vagina. Through back and forward movements, both partners are stimulated to orgasm. Sexual intercourse generally ends with the man ejaculating.


When performing a striptease, a person undresses to music, with slow, erotic motions.

Swinger parties

At swinger parties, people meet to swap their regular partner or to practice group sex. These parties usually take place in swinger clubs.

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